Align pop-up menu -- wrong text (5.99)

See screenshot:

Align to Vertical Center and Align to Horizontal Center are inverted. It is nice that the order of the items, left - center - right and top - center - bottom suggests what it does (and it indeed operates like that: the align that is between left and right aligns horizontally, but it says align to Vertical center). The correct words would be: left - horizontal center - right, and top - vertical center - bottom.


In a slightly random selection of apps that I checked, the word ‘Centre’ seems to be favoured for orientation along the the X direction and ‘Middle’ for the Y. i.e. [Left - Centre - Right] - ‘he played centre forward for Spurs’ and [Top - Middle - Bottom] ‘she was a middle ranking official’. English doesn’t have a completely unambiguous way of differentiating these though. As you point out, the disambiguation comes from the context and the individual menu items are not seen in isolation but I agree the terminology chosen is confusing.

Something like two years ago, I “complained” (IIRC, I did file a “bug” report) that version 5 uses middle to refer to horizontal centering and center for vertical; in agreement with your comment, I do think that that choice is backwards, but also agree that there is a significant level of ambiguity; back then, I seem to recall that the developers involved in the discussion agreed that putting the choices in order (left - center - right, and top - center - bottom) was a good way to avoid any ambiguity; but I don’t think this one is ambiguous: horizontal center goes with left-right, and vertical center goes with top-bottom. The current nightly does the opposite.

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