@aisler AISLER Push Plugin

i have Kicad 7 and AISLER Push Plugin is trying to load but won’t progress.

Has anyone had this problem?

I have tried to delete AISLER plug in KICAD and install 0.2.1 but get the message that it is incompatible. (It worked approx. 2 months ago)

Which version should I use?


@aisler is on this forum. Hopefully they can answer your question.

should I write @aisler in this topic?

If @aisler appears anywhere they will be notified of this topic. There may also be contact info in the plugin instructions.

The place to report issues with that plugin is here: Issues · AislerHQ/PushForKiCad · GitHub

The contact info for AISLER if you need support re. the plugin appears to be to mention them on Twitter, or at least there isn’t a different contact method listed in the PCM description.

So, they may also reply here in the forum, but it may not be the fastest way.

Hi Mejlby,

as KiCad’s API changes quite frequently we decide to not keep the plugin backwards compatible. If you are using KiCad please download and install this version Release 0.1.9: Add support for KiCad v7.0 · AislerHQ/PushForKiCad · GitHub
@craftyjon is there actually a way to provide multiple versions to a plugin? Right now it is necessary to manually install a plugin via ZIP file if the KiCad version requires a previous version of the plugin.


Yes, you can provide multiple different versions in the metadata, and you can mark them as having different supported KiCad versions.

As “craftyjon” said, PCM supports this. My plugins use this functionality so you can look into GitHub - MitjaNemec/ReplicateLayout for inspiration.