Again, how to completely uninstall and remove kicad in windows 10

I have installed v5.10 and 5.99 on W10 and started them but not used them.
How do I completely uninstall them?

I tried Windows normal method via the control panel and uninstall but get an error like “nothing associated with the file.”
Nothing seems to be uninstalled.

I can see there are entries in the register and in C:\Program files and more places. How to get rid of these?

In an previous topic the advice was
“just delete C:\Users\ …\AppData\Roaming\kicad”
but I want to remove it from the register and to remove the bulk of program code data.

KiCad writes nothing to the Windows registry. Windows writes there some data, but it’s just some Start menu history or something like that. KiCad is totally installed to where you installed it (Program Files/kicad/). The user settings are in AppData/Roaming/kicad/. If you just delete those two, there’s nothing left which could cause problems for the new clean installation.

KiCad windows installer does add some registry entries.
Best way to fully uninstall is to run normal uninstaller from control panel and then also delete %AppData%\Roaming\kicad.

If you are getting “nothing associated with the file” then install kicad again to the same location and then uninstall. But honestly, I wouldn’t bother, at that point just delete the kicad folders from installation path and %appdata%. Registry entries don’t harm anything and windows registry generates garbage out of thin air anyway, or so it seems.

The uninstaller.exe was stored in C:\program\KiCad but in Windows registry
it was specified as stored in C:\Program files\KiCad.
That explains why the uninstall process did not work.
I found this while manually cleaning the register.

Maybe it happened because I have a Swedish language version of windows.

Maybe it would have worked to directly run uninstaller.exe from it´s real position.

I always install KiCad in C:\Programy directory. (Programy (pl) = Programs (en)) and not default ‘Program Files’ directory.
It is because I have read in V4.07 documentation that Windows blocks write to some default project used to store some configuration as Windows takes care about all in ‘Program Files’.
I still do it that way even I don’t know if it is important in V5.
I have never had any problems with Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall program so it looks that even I installed KiCad not in default directory the uninstall is right called.
But I:

  • am using Windows 7,
  • never installed 5.99
  • don’t know what Windows registers are so never touched them myself.
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