Advice For Installing RC3 Tonight?

I can spend the time to remove everything Windoze thinks it knows about KiCad V5RC2. The question is, “Should I”?

What is your plan of attack (considering abandoning V4 and upgrading all prior projects) for installing RC3?

For others, what is your plan of attack (considering keeping V4 for compatibility with prior projects and using V5 for future projects) for installing RC3?

I don’t know why you bother these questions, since 1) you never seem to read what people write, and 2) if you do, you ignore what they say.

I’m already tempted to close the thread, because it will likely become another pointless argument.

Also : RC3 has not been formally released yet, it just a new nightly build at this point. Usual caveats apply.

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Wayne Stambaugh tagged and pushed RC3 yesterday (but I’m not certain the time zone).

There has been about 2+ weeks of arguments over KiCad’s use of Environment Variables on this forum and I still don’t fully understand the issue. I plan to spend the time to convert all my existing projects over to V5 to avoid having to have both a V4 and V5 installation.

But, my post also contained the query for those that might want to upversion to V5 and keep their V4 projects active. At this time I can not provide any information on this topic; I can only ask about it.

But a tag is all it is. Until there is a release announced on the blog and/or on the download page there aren’t any official releases. The only thing the RCn tags indicate are next steps towards the v5 release.

In regards to your questions, I personally switched over fully to the nightlies with RC2 and will handle upgrading individual projects as I get around to updating them. But, I’m just a hobbyist and don’t use KiCad for business. (I don’t even design circuits and boards for a living, I’m in hardware quality and break my employer’s products to ensure we design quality products.)

I want to run an intro to KiCad class for my local maker group, but I’m waiting for the official release before that. Hopefully the release will be soon so I can get a class (or series of classes) put together for the fall.

Where is your maker group located?

I presented some basic Kicad classes for OlyMega and used what seemed to be a very stable V4 nightly; and have not recommended any of the V4 stables since then.

For your maker group, I have not found a good way to convey that KiCad just simply draws lines; yet very important lines.

Northern Delaware in the US. We are currently a maker group, not a maker space. One of our bigger activities is running classes, usually hosted in public libraries. (The great thing about that is we get paid by the library system the same amount for the class no matter who signs up, and the students don’t have to pay for the class.)

I want to target v5 because the release seems imminent, why teach the older version that we all want to get away from. Also, even though the .sweet format for the schematic symbol libraries isn’t there yet, the sym-lib-table organizing method (with the global and local tables) is much better than the v4.x way of the list in the .pro file that you have to rebuild for each new project until you finally figure out which .pro file is being used for defaults on new projects. Then being cautions when upgrading that the .pro defaults file doesn’t get overwritten.


As has already been told, RC3 is practically just another nightly build. They have worked for me for ages - I think since the libraries had the major update - with just installing the new one over the old one.

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Updating to “RC3” from anything “RC2+” should not require any removals

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