Advantages of "gamers" keyboard for KiCad?

I need to buy myself a new keyboard some time soon, and I really like the look of some of the gamers keyboards out there.

First off, I will point out that I am not a gamer though, so I won’t get any of the obvious benefits that a gamer would.

However, I am starting to use KiCad a bit now (and also other tools like Draft Sight), so I am wondering if things like programmable keys and macro buttons that game players use would be of any advantage for cad type tools. Some (most) of the keyboard shortcuts that KiCad uses don’t feel intuitive to me yet, so I wonder if this may help.

Am I better off saving my money and just buying a regular Dell office type keyboard and learning all the keyboard shortcuts? Or is there a better solution? What keyboard do you use?


Actually, you can reprogram all of the hotkeys to whatever is comfortable for you. Then you can save and transport the hotkey file to new designs:

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Ah, thanks Chris.

Not sure if I’m grateful you’ve saved me money, or disappointed I don’t have an excuse for a new keyboard now :wink:

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