Advanced version control with Kicad and SVN

Hi everybody,
I was hoping someone could help me out. I am working with kicad for quite a while now and love the program.

I version everything via svn, the library files and the working project. This has worked fine for me now, but this week i took a different pc to continue working on the project and it gave me problems again and i dont know what it is.

The .dcm file is conflicted and i dont really know what it does or if its necessary. I know it holds descriptions but thats about it.

What are exactly the files that are local to a computer and which ones should be versioned? Or can everything be versioned?

Whenever i order a print a create a new versioned folder that holds the new version and dont touch the version that has been ordered. Should i put the libraries in that folder, and when i create a new version also copy the libraries to the new folder and update in kicad to that folder. The way i have it now is a seperate folder with libraries that i update every time with version control.

Sorry if my message is a bit messy, i am not a programmer and not very gifted with either version control or library management, so i am trying hard to catch up.

Hope someone can help

It holds description plus some other things specific to each variant of a symbol (base plus aliases). I would say it is important and should be considered part of the library.

If you have a version control system, I don’t see the point of creating new folders to hold versions. That is what the VCS is for. In SVN, I would create a tag to label a specific version.

However, archive project (from KiCad project window) may be the way to create archived versions.

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“git” with the times

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