Advanced Clearance


I do high voltage layouts, there I need different netclasses and different clearances to each other.
I would love an Altium like tool, where I can create some rules.
Where NETCLASS1 meets NETCLASS2 clearance 1mm
Where NETCLASS2 meets NETCLASS3 clearance 2mm.

Would anybody be interested in implementing such clearances?
I would love to support you when implementing.


You would have to rephrase that there:
I would be interested in implementing such clearances!
Would anyone love to support me when implementing?

KiCAD has devs, yes… but they are only few and far and mostly work on things they want personally (and they have a roadmap for the next big milestone already).
To get your pet peeve realized you either have to get them convinced they need/want it too or you have to find a programmer/or you do it yourself and make a pull request.
That’s the reality.



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PS: I’m not involved nor a dev, just a user who likes to share and help others were he can on this forum.

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