Adjusting annotations after running the automate tool

I have four 50 pin DSUB connectors in my design. After running the annotation tool the connectors are not in the order I want. For example the connector named J1 I want to be J4 and so on.

Now I understand this is because the tool annotated based on order of components in the X or Y direction but I am failing to understand how to adjust them except for doing it manually 200 times. I say 200 times because my connector symbol is simply 50 different units instead of 1 symbol with all 50 pins attached. I did this to somewhat match my experience in DxDesigner and it allows for variability in connector pin placement. Probably set myself up for failure, lol. If I have to make the changes manually that is fine but figured I would check if there is a better way to do this?

Maybe too late for this go round but in the future you might lay them out first, annotate and then place them as you use them. You basically have 200 parts that you want fixed values for so you have to manually affix those values as far as I know. You probably should have done this from the get go.

The next problem is assigning a foot print unless you did a multi unit symbol.

Yeah that is what I figured, so next time just annotate as I place them it sounds like.

They are multi unit symbols not individual so I don’t think footprint will be an issue but I will find out very soon.

Your comment made me think of a different question probably best in it’s own thread but I have some 4 pin PCB headers that connect to off-board chassis mounted inductors. I wanted to show them in the schematic using an actual inductor but it’s only a 2 pin device. How to I tie two symbols to one footprint? Is that possible without making a custom 2 unit symbol, which come to think of it wouldn’t take that long.

FYI the Find and Replace ref designator option worked quickly to clean this up.

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