Adding Tracks / Pads not in the Schematic


I’m trying to layout something like a development board for an IC.

The schematic, has the IC, power rails, some caps, and some biasing resistors, all connecting to pins on the IC.

I want to add something like stripboard around the IC, with multiple pads for some pins, and other non connected strips of pads for prototyping…

I was hoping to draw the schematic with these essential components, and then use the layout program to ad-hoc add pads and tracks for the development areas…

Pads are no problem, but it won’t let me lay tracks connecting these ad-hoc pins…

I’m scared that someone is going to tell me that the only way to do this is to add the exact number of pads and their connections into the schematic and then lay it out… (I don’t know yet, and the layout will define how many pads, and how they connect), I really don’t want to switch back and forth loads of times to do this, as it’s just took me a week to have the patience to create my own library… I pretty much mirrored this guy’s experience but a lot slower, and with a lot more swearing…

Hopefully someone can tell me how to force tracks onto the layout?

If there is a way, but people don’t recommend it as it’s evil and a bad way to do things, I promise I’ll only use it for this board only, normally I make a full schematic, but this is a special case…

I agree. Some situation for me and I also haven’t found a solution, yet.
Whould also appreciate a “quick and dirty” approach to “force” a track onto the layout.

Got a solution from a guy on the Synth DIY facebook group… Havn’t tried it yet (Real life getting in the way of my hobby :smile: )

Martin Kuentz mentioned you in a comment in Synth DIY.

Martin Kuentz
13 October at 02:57

Damian Mitchell yes, you can disable enforcing design rules in under general settings of the preferences. without also magnetic pads you can choose free what to attach to your tracks.

You do know,that you can also add more pads to the schematic, than you will use in the layout later on?
Just delete the ones in the layout you don’t need, once you got enough connected.
This then wouldn’t screw with DRC.