Adding manufacture specific SMD LED housings


Hello Community,

i have a repository for some Nichia SMD Leds:

most of the footprints are tested and are working.
some are old and not updated yet.
some of the LEDs have multiple - sometimes ‘extraordinary’ footprints -
like with added VIAs and heat-sink-pads on the back or ‘edge mounted’

i would generally know if this makes sens to intergrate into the offical libraries.

i additionally want to create the footprint and 3D model for the Rohm MSL0402RGBU (1.8×1.6x0.5mm) SMD RGB LED
as with some of my other Nichia LEDs i plan to generate multiple variants of the footprint…
(a very narrow variant and one with via+heat-sink-pads)

i would love if the get accepted in the official libs… and i know i have to do some work to get them KLC compliant… and iam up to the task of doing this - if it makes sense :wink:

pleas let me know what you think!

sunny greetings


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