Adding Layer in schematic

I am new here and this is my First post, so please be be patient with me. I ty to find this question but without success.
I am trying to migrate from Eagle and I am miss some usefull features.
I liked to add notes in schematic like Block names, typical voltage level, current consumption and many more with possibility to make them invisible, choosing different colours. I didnt found such feature in KiCad.
Is it possible to do it somehow?

There is currently no layer-feature in the schematic editor so it’s not possible to switch display of some item-types easily between on/off.

You can use the standard text+line tools to add notes, but they are visible all the time.
Also with the current version v6.0 the colors for these items are fixed. (this is already enhanced in the upcoming development version v6.99, but these development-version is actually not recommended for beginning with kicad)

Text colors can be set in preferences.

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