Adding input and output from and to pin headers

Hi there!

After watching quite a bit of tutorials I decided to try it out and make a schematic and pcb for my project. I would however like to use some input from pin headers and also output some signals to those but I don’t know how to do that. I’m trying to create a pcb for a wordclock. I’ve allready made one and handsolderd all the wires etc. and that was doable but I decided to try and make a pcb for it! But I don’t know how to add a pinheader input or output and can’t seem to find much information on it… So does someone know how to do this and how to add it to my schematic as well as pcb?

Thanks in advance,

0fftime // Ruben

Hi, Ruben. I’m probably not understanding your question fully, but have you tried dropping a pin header into your schematic? You can find those in the conn library. For example, a CONN_01x08 is an 8-pin header.


Hi there!

You understood my question perfectly! I was looking for those headers :slight_smile: I seached the partslist but couldn’t find it! Thanks a lot for the help!