Adding homemade footprint and associate it in eeschema

Hi I’ve created my own footprint and saved it in a local folder.

Now I wonder how I should do to insert and associate this footprint with the eescheme model?
I’m unable to figure out how to select it in eescheme where the only option is the default footprint libraries.

However I thought I maybe could add the footprint library in the PCBnew and by that get access to it in eescheme, but there I’m unable to select it and press next.

How should I do?

Best regards


Only select the .pretty folder (Footprint.pretty in your case).

At the moment EEschema and PCBnew differ how things are handled.
PCBnew is the future, EEschema is the legacy way.
EEschema is being refurbished to do it similar to PCBnew in the future (.sweet folders with - I guess - .kicad_sym files in it).

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I have the impression that developers slightly exaggerating with these extensions: .pretty, .sweet. What will be next: .beauty .honney? :smiley: Why not just .kicad_fplib (instead .pretty), .kicad_symlib or .kicad_cmplib.

I don’t know, but if it was me - .darn & .sour comes to mind. Just no idea what kind of libs should be sitting in those :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile: