Adding groundplane doesnt work as prev. in Youtube, how now?

at 5.46 in this excellent video (!! very good)

there is instruction for “highlight net” which doesnt work for me, I get the “normal” group clicking menue board …
the highlight button doesnt do the the same as in vid
(there are other things that doesnt work as I guess they should, e.g. shortcut C doest copy anything (footprints whatever) )

Hi georg,
please try to change your canvas. Under View in the Menue bar or with ‘‘F9’’ F12’’ or ‘‘F11’’.

Use the ‘‘fill Zone’’ function without first higlithing the net.
Just draw the frame like in your linked viedo but afterwards hover over the edge of the filled zone and press ‘‘e’’ you can then choose the Net you like from a list. It is also ok to draw the egde of the Fill Zone beyond the edge cuts. PCBnew knows what you want and fills out all the available space.


Anytime I do any marking of an area (with cursor prompt from top right pannel) I get into the “block operation” selection menue. and there nothing works but to press ok, after possible boxchecking.

That is the behaviour of the standard canvas.
But why would you like to mark something, there is no need in this case.

OK, I now understand that I dont understand, I have missed something, Im totally at loss. Pressing “Add fillzone” button givs a haircross cursor, and when trying to right-click anything with that i get “non-coppe zone properties” popup. Guess I have to revert to RTFM or “when nothing else works,try the manual”.
And NOW I know why I have not done that earlier; the language of pcbnew manual is partly horrendous, at least to me. Many times I cannot get the grip on sentences as to what they mean. However I must learn to go on, explanations often come later in text, implicitly.


Ok, got the hang of it. The layer selector need to be set to one of the copper layers, otherwise the “non-copper” will appear (first error).Then, yes, after changing state to “fill area”, by pressing the state button with the “pad and wire”, the cross cursor is used by single-click to span a polygone, double click to complete the poly to an area. IF that area contains a wire having the, in the dialogue to define the “fill zone”, choosen layer, in my case GND, then and only then , the area will be filled (shown as the color of the worked copper layer, as copper). Thanks again for support. It was important to understand that I didnt understand. /g

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