Adding FST3253 Switch to PCB

I’m adding an FST3253 MUX SWITCH to my PCB. Are there any libraries and Footprints for it, please?

If you beg for help for something like this then at least post a link to a datasheet or do you expect us to do your legwork?

FST3253-113358.pdf (142.0 KB)
Hi R,
Sorry, here’s the D/S

There is no need for a footprint, it’s available in three standard packages, just choose the proper footprint for the package you are going to use.

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Hi K,
Ok, thanks.

I’ve had to add extra characters for the post to send:)

Do I have to make my own FST3253 MUX SWITCH symbol for the Schematic, or is there a similar one?

Have you tried the one located in the onsemi library of this repository ?

Hi A,
I found it, but don’t know how to add it into Kicad.

I’ll see if I can make one.

Have you read this?

It shows you very clearly how to use alternative libraries. Even so, in this case it would be far more useful to learn how to create your own symbols. You will soon realise that for many if not most devices, unless it is already in your library it is usually quicker to draw it yourself than to search for a (unknown quality) version online.

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