Adding frame/title block after Eagle import

Basic new user question. I have hundreds of Eagle projects and when importing into KICad v6.0.5-0 MacOS pieces of the Eagle frame are imported but not the title block/ When I go to Page Settings and select a new frame size, it does not insert a frame nor title block although the title block information has been filled out.

Eagle has frames as a component which can be deleted, inserted, etc. I do not see frames or title blocks in KiCad but maybe I am just looking in the wrong library section.

Any suggestions? BTW I thought the frame and title block were created when importing with earlier KiCad versions. Switched to 6 recently.


Both the Schematic and the PCB access the Drawing Sheet (that’s the Frame/Border, TitleBlock…).

You tell Kicad which Drawing Sheet to use, if other than the Default.

Do it by clicking the Icon shown below (you know that). But, you need to point to a Drawing Sheet File.

You can create and customize a Drawing Sheet by using the Drawing Sheet Editor in the Main Panel.

Results showing my Drawing Sheet…

ADDED: Oh, and you need to click the tripple ‘Less Than’ symbol to populate the sheet with the info you entered into the Fields…

There is apparently difference in concept here.
In KiCad, the drawing sheet is nothing like a schematic symbol.
In KiCad, the drawing sheet is a separate entity, created with a separate program. It is the “Drawing Sheet Editor”, and you can start it from the Project Manager as the 2nd from the bottom program in the list:

In KiCad, you always have to have some graphic items on your sheet. If you delete all graphics from a drawing sheet, then KiCad inserts a default sheet. (Which is a feature I do not particularly like).

You can select the drawing sheet used with: Schematic Editor / File / Page Settings, or use the icons in the gui that Black Coffee emphasized.

Alternatively, you can probably create a title block as a regular schematic symbol, and add fields to it that hold text strings. KiCad also the ability to use variable names for custom fields, and I think you can use these both on the schematic and on the PCB. So you could fill in a project name or a revision date in that title block, and then you can use the same text string on the PCB. I have not used this feature myself yet though and am not sure if it works.

I didn’t want to start by creating custom title blocks and frames, so a quick look-around yielded exactly what is needed for all my 8.5x11" sheets:


I applied that to all sheets, then chose a custom sheet size for the one much-larger sheet (without applying to other sheets) and every page is now exactly as intended.



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