Adding footprint lib?

Hello, I wonder if I could get a little help as a total KiCad noob.

I am trying to add the Spark fun lib from GitHub and was able to add the .lib files without issue, but I’m a little stuck on the footprint .pretty files.

I have tried adding them by going Preference > Manage Footprint Libraries > Add existing library to table > selecting the root folder that has all the.pretty files in it.

But when I do this and go to footprint editor the folder is there, but empty.

And if I try and add all the individual .pretty files I get duplication due to generic names like RF.

What am I doing wrong?

Not giving us your Kicad version and OS for starters. :wink: Since V6 is still pretty new that information is kinda needed.

Ahhh…sorry, Running Windows 10 and on V5.1.10 of KiCad.

Should the first thing I try be upgrading to 6.0.1?

If you aren’t in the middle of a project, then yes.

Standard disclaimer: Back up your project files first.

Thank you, updated to the latest release, and can import them now.

But, getting invalid footprint specified popping up for most of them when I try and place the part?

So you have a directory with the “.pretty” extension, and it does have footprint files in it (In KiCad each footprint is a separate file, and human readable text (nice for troubleshooting)).

Apparently some of the footprints in your directory do work. Is that correct?

Narrow it down and focus on a single footprint that does not work, and then post all the info you have about it. Post the footprint itself, or at least a link with the name and location to download that library.

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