Adding external plugin to mac OS catalina 10.15

I have installed KiCad Mac OSDN version : kicad-unified-5.1.9-0-10_14.dmg on my MacOS catalina 10.15 but couldnot see any external plugin nor the layout of PCB of my project .The external plugin used to work perfectly in my windows machine.

I have tried running some of the commands from online. Not sure where the issue is.Any help to resolve it.

So have you actually placed the plugin in one of the directories shown in the PLUGIN_DIRECTORIES_SEARCH?

You can list the loaded plugins using

Where did you place the plugin? I suggest the last path that is on your screenshot, create the directory if it’s not there.

What do you mean by not being able to see layout of pcb ? Try switching between different toolsets (rendering modes) in preferences menu.

yeah john…i have placed in /Applications/KiCad/ location and can view them with the command provided.But still cant see it getting reflecting on the external plugin list


I have placed the plugin in the last path as suggested.I could see the plugins are loaded when executed the command print(pcbnew.KICAD_PLUGINS) but cant see in the external plugins list.

Which plugin did you install? Link?

Its in development stage and not hosted any where

Then the issue is likely with the plugin code. Try other known to work plugins and then you will know for sure.

I am new to mac OS…can you suggest me with the external plugins which suits for macOS catalina 10.15

I would suggest that you try out the excellent ‘InteractiveHTMLBom’ plugin. This produces a web page view of the PCB a tabular view of the BOM and highlights where the components are situated on the board. It is 'Interactive"in the sense that highlighting the BOM line highlights the component placement on the board. It is exceptionally useful for assembly. If you are beginning to write your own plugins, it will give you a good foundation on what a well configured plugin looks like.

Oh, and you might recognise the author …

[Kudos to @qu1ck for this]

And a demo here


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