Adding 3D model (+ symbol / footprint) to the public library

Hi all.

I am new to the forum. Not new to KiCAD (been using it for a while).

Recently needed Hirose FH26 connector for one of my projects, found symbol and footprint in external library. Based on the manufacturer’s drawing I made a STEP file in FreeCAD with the details (the one imported from the external library was just a cuboid, with no details).

It’s only one (15-pin version) of the whole series (I think it’s 20 parts between 13 and 71 pins in the FH26 series). It’s not parametric, so won’t cover the whole series 3D models unfortunately.
Is there a point to add it to the public repo if it’s only one in the series of 20?

Are there any guide of uploading own models (symbols, footprint, 3D) to the public KiCAD repo? So someone else can use it in a future?

I’d like to contribute to the project.

Many thanks for your thought.


Maybe you can see here.

It’s not that easy to contribute to the official library.

There is also a related hot topic KiCad needs a more liberal/open library on discussion.

The contribution guidelines are here. If you’ve ever used git and made a merge/pull request, that’s what you’ll be doing with the symbol, footprint, 3dmodel repositories on gitlab.

Hello Greg! I’m a member of the library team. We would very much welcome your contribution! We definitely accept individual contributions of 3d models with source. However, we cannot accept symbols and footprints (and models) from external sources for licensing reasons. So we can only accept the parts you made yourself. You’ll need a Gitlab account to contribute. Please make a merge request to KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Packages3D · GitLab for the model and to KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Packages3D source · GitLab for the FreeCAD file. You can see Add KBPC-T and KBPC-W source (!322) · Merge requests · KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Packages3D source · GitLab for an example of how it works. The requirements for 3D models are at Models - Library Conventions | KiCad EDA (sections M1 and M2). Let me know if you need any additional help.

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Thank you all for the replies.

Will check the links you gave me and will start contributing soon.
I occasionally use git and have account on github and gitlab, so at least basic requirements are met :slight_smile:
I understand the licensing reasons for externally sources models. Will only upload my own made.

Thanks again.

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