Added sheet, circuit on page 2 won't show in plot

I had started a schematic on an A4 page and then the drawing outgrew the page. I added another sheet but the material that was moved off the first page, refuses to show up when added inside the second page.

There seems to be a lot of tutorials and things on sheets / pages - some of them obsolete. What am I missing or what do I need to do to get my drawing to “really reside” on my second page. I’m on 5.99 but could upgrade to 6.xx if there has been significant changes

On an editorial note, it seems like this should be easier.

Have you read the “Hierarchical schematics” chapter in the docs?

To have more than one page you should include all the pages in a root page. If you include each page once, and you use global labels to connect things between the sheets (not pins in the page symbol), this is called a flat hierarchy.

I believe that V6 does not support flat file schematics

After adding a second page and giving it a title (this may have been my mistake) I could see the second page in the navigator, but when I clicked on it in the navigator, I saw a blank page - and nothing of my drawing on the page -, and, my first page had disappeared. So how would I move material onto the second page?

So I just deleted the second page, changed the A4 size to the larger format and moved on.
This little project does not need a hierarchical schematic, I just thought it would solve some printing problems, instead I seem to have created a more complex situation by trying to add a second page.

So I guess my advice to people trying to create hierarchical schematic is to first just play with a couple of blank files with a resistor or two on each page to figure out this scheme works.

I also didn’t really want 2 file names for my schematic, although I can see how some people would. Is there a way to get multiple pages and have them in the same schematic file / name?

What is a “root page”?
How do I “include all pages in a root page”?
If I just start a new project with a schematic - isn’t that a root page?

Don’t bother replying if you don’t want to, or unless you think that others might benefit, I’ve given up on multiple pages for now. If I get a bigger project I’ll play with this before I begin the project, to make sure I can make it get it working.

Yes, the root page (sheet) is the first page you get when you start a new project. It’s on that page you add all other pages (sheets).

How you add pages (sheets) is described under Sheet symbol in the documentation.

I’ve attached a project (an open source project, not mine) so that you can see the result. Open hackrf-one.kicad_sch, this is the root sheet. The other sheets are included in the root sheet and can be found using the Sheet Hierarchy Navigator, or by double clicking on the sheet symbols in the root sheet.

This schematic uses a flat hierarchy where the connection between the sheets are made using global labels (and power symbols). (185.3 KB)

Edit: I’m not really sure exactly what the problem is that you’re describing. I’m hoping that having a look at the example I uploaded clarifies it for you and solves the issues. Even if you don’t need more than one sheet on this particular project, you will probably need that in a project soon enough.

Try plotting the example schematic, you should get a pdf with all pages.

OK - I’m just trying to understand what’s going on here.
Made a new project, added a page and put down a component on each page.

Here’s the navigator

You can see the root page, and the power supply page but there is no component on the power supply page.

If I click on PowerSupply in Navigator, my component in page 2 shows up

Questions: Is the blank page in the root view just an indicator that “there is another page”, without showing any of the detail?

Is there any view mode that will show both pages in the same window so that you could work on them at the same time?

What is the purpose of the “blank page display” on the root page?
Is there anything useful that can be done without besides changing the size?
When adding a page is there specifically a way to add a “letter” or “A4” sized page?

You can use multiple sheets with connections between them via global labels or, more powerfully, use hierarchical sheets linked by hierarchical labels. This is good way of working when you have repeated elements - e.g. a multichannel amplifier. The root page instantiates however many copies of the repeated element you need. The root page then becomes a block diagram of the entire design an links to the subsheets via hierarchical pins. I think one of the example designs in the KiCad download shows how this works.

It should never be blank. It must contain the sheet symbols of the other sheets. A sort of simple block schematic as John said.

See the example I uploaded for you.

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