Add zone into another zone (same net)?


I am trying to make an island of a network within a plane of the same network. It works correctly, but when I update (F5), it is modified.

I created a copper zone of a network (GND) and in a specific zone, I added a GND copper zone with different priority (1). This area is emptied with the option to “empty zone”. Within this zone I have created a copper zone (GND) with priority 2, joining this to the main one.

As I say, it works correctly and I have PCBs made with this copper island inside the main one, but when I work with the design, when updating it removes the empty area and I have to change this.

I do not know if it is working correctly or how this operation should be performed. As much as I have searched the Internet, I have not found information about it. I have tried not to assign network to the emptying zone, but it does not work correctly (the zone is not emptied).

That’s why I’m writing this post, to really learn how to work this.



My first thought would be that this could be a case to solve with two different nets, one for each zone, connected by a net-tie.

Let’s see if someone has a different solution…

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For me it looks like very untypical task (normally I want to have continuous GND)
Not thinking why KiCad has a problem with it I think the solution that should work would be to have one GND zone and the thin gap defined as keepout rule area.

First, I agree probably with Piotr. Why do you want to separate that part of the GND zone?

Next, hmk’s solution for using a net tie and a separate net is a good option. This way you can also put in the schematic which parts you want to connect to the separate island, which may prevent mistakes.

another way is to draw a “keepout area” in the form of a “C” around the “sensitive part” to separate it from the rest.


Thank you all very much for the quick responses.

Right now I was going to try the idea of closing the island by doing a C (the truth, it had not occurred to me at the time of doing it :thinking:), but I have verified that with KiCAD 6.0.9, the emptying is not eliminated :smile:.

I have been wanting to try these possible solutions, for the next design I will do it and write the result of the tests, for now I prefer not to touch this design. Again, thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience caused.


The quick/easy way to accomplish this is to draw the cutout on the margin layer using the graphical line tool:


Ok, thanks @Seth_h!

Regards !