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In altium if you put 1.000.000 of ohms to a resistor automatically is normalized to 1M, and prevent the use 1uF to a resistor.
I thing that we can add a formula property to a component. To easy check from where is derived the actual value.
Add the property to a component ( ej resistor) how it was calculated (initially can be a simple text like (R2=R12) with no more interaction. In the future parsing this formula can be powerfull on DRC if R1 was changed and R2 is not close to R12.

I don’t personally love the idea of KiCad autocorrecting my resistor values, but I guess I can grudgingly see some value in it. That being said, I’d expect most professional designs to use a fixed library of components that have the values already corrected to whatever formatting guidelines the organization provides (for example 0.1uF vs 100nF). I also suspect such an autocorrect system would have to be disabled by default, since many people use the value field for combination value, tolerance, and rating. (I’ve seen reasonable values like “1k00 1% 1/4W”)

Regarding the calculation fields for values, I do always love having more automatic calculation in my work! In the simple case that you provided though, it seems like the existing sheet instance text variable system might be more appropriate to control a resistance across many components. If you need something now, I suspect that is the way to go.

I know of one regular contributor to this forum who uses 4.7e+3. Personally, I use 4K7
4.7K and 4700Ω are also not exactly uncommon.

Auto correct to which?

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