Add Specific Hotkeys other than given

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I am trying to add a specific hotkey whose command is in context menu, mostly need in pcbnew. I try to export and change hotkey file but it has no effect on newly added hotkeys.

Is there a way to add new cmd which is in context menu as a new hotkey?

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What version of Kicad are you using?

If 6.0.RC

Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys / should get you there.

Hello jmk,

It is 5.1.10 on windows10.

I am not aware that a 6.0 release exist.

It’s a Release Candidate at the moment, which for KiCad means a beta pretty close to a stable release.

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Hello @eternalist0

What command in which menu do you wish to make a hotkey?

Hello @jmk,

I want to use align top,bottom,right,left :slight_smile: and distribute vertically and horizontally commands.

I am using them from context menu.

Hello @eternalist0

You will have to use 6.0 RC to add those hotkeys.

5.1.10 has been upgraded to 5.1.12 for some time, but the new 6.0 RC is available to download and it is considered stable with only bug fixes being worked on.

You can find 6.0 RC at the bottom of the download page of your OS hi-lighted in “pink”. It is called “Nightlies” on that page.
6.0 RC installs along side 5.1.12 and is completely independent of 5.1.12 or 10 … even with a different icon on your home page.

The download page can be found at: Help / About Kicad / then click the link to the official website.
Here it is:

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