Add .mod footprints to Kicad 5.99 nightly build

Hi. I have about 100 custom footprints in v5. They all have “kicad_mod” extensions.

As with v5.1 I can add the folder to v5.99 and mark it as “Legacy” but when trying to use the footprints the folder comes up empty.

Is there any way to use my custom footprints in v5.99 please?

Don’t mark them legacy (that’s pre v4 format I think) and they should work.

Thanks. After doing that, when I try to load the Footprint Editor I get a Load Error: “File ‘/home/ubuntu/Documents/Kicad/library/’ is empty.”

Found an old discussion and solved my own problem. Moved all my .kicad_mod files into a folder called my-footprints.pretty. I was then able to add that library successfully.

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