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I installed the Kicad 5.1.2-f72e74a. Is it possible to add libraries as a folder? I need to add as a folder but I’m able to add every single .lib files.
I have GitHub libraries from Digikey and SparkFun under /home/whynot/documents/kicad

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Did you look at

They go through what you are trying to achieve
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First of all: .lib files are symbol libaries. Footprint libs are folders with .pretty ending. What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

You can not add a folder holding libs and expect all libs in it to be added automatically. But you can use the library browser to add multiple libs at once. Simply use the add libs button in the manager and in the file browser that opens use shift plus click or crtl plus click to select multiple libs to add.
More details: Library management in KiCad version 5


Thanks Now I get it. I thought if it’s possible to add /home/whynot/documents/kicad/Libraries/digikey-kicad-library/digikey-symbols/*.lib
but it has to add like this xxxx.lib
Ok How do we add this github
There are lib files and .kicad_mod files.

Download the content of the repo and handle it the same way as any other library. Remember you add the .pretty folder not the .kicad_mod footprint files.

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