Add graphic line is missing in Kicad 6.0.5

I am new to PCB designing and to Kicad. I followed an example tutorial from youtube, KiCAD Tutorial 2019 | Learn KiCAD under 25 Minutes | Beginners guide - YouTube.

When I wanted to edge cut, I could not see “Add Graphic line” option. For that matter lots of options seem to be different from the tutorial to 6.0.5 variant. Even netlist seems to have gone to export option.

Any help on where to find graphic line?

From top to bottom, these buttons let you draw a series of connected lines, an arc, a rectangle, a circle, or an arbitrary closed polygon. The one you’re looking for is the top button, but any of them will work depending on the shape you want to achieve.

Make sure you are drawing on the Edge.Cuts layer.

Yes, that video is about the 5.0.x versions. A lot has changed and improved with the 6.0 release, and all the icons are different, so I recommend finding up-to-date tutorials/documentations (they should be fine if created in 2022).

Starting from KiCad V5 (so since 3+ years) you don’t go from schematic to PCB through netlist file manually. Instead of it you use “Update PCB from schematic” (I use only button in PcbNew, but there are other ways for calling that function).
Generating netlist is used by someones for something (I don’t know for what - probably to cooperate with other software) so practically it is a kind of export function needed occasionally by limited number of users. With V6 it was placed where it belongs to. And that’s it.

Thank you all so much. I was able to get my first pcb design done.

I wish I could have done the track as a smooth curve. I will have to learn that next.

Thanks again.


After a lot of trial and error, and extensive use of python script from;

I’ve got my curved track.

Thanks a lot to Joan the spark.

But is there an easier way to make curved track in KiCad?

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Wow. Joan the spark seems to use the same avatar as @Joan_Sparky . Weird. :thinking:

not really weird… sometimes the nick ‘Joan Sparky’ is already used, so I have to get creative :wink:
If there is avatar pics I keep it constant through all my accounts tho… so if you see an eye like the one I got here and a name that is similar, chances are pretty high it’s me.
2 weeks ago someone contacted me via VLC forums (as he didn’t know how to do that here) over some SD card step model and footprint to use in his OS project for example. :slightly_smiling_face:

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KiCad v6 supports curved tracks natively, but the drawing and editing system is clumsy. I tried just for fun, and here is one way to create an arc shaped track with KiCad version 6.99 (which happened to be open on my desktop):

EDIT: sorry for the unrelated text in the video, it was another test.

There areTwo Different Track Curving Tools:

• Fillet Tracks
• Create Arc From Selection

Self explanatory but, note that for ‘Create Arc From Selection’, the Curved side depends on if the Track is drawn from Top or Bottom (and, Left, Right)

Video shows examples…


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wow, that seems to be way too simpler. Let me try it today.

Thank you @eelik