Add global symbols from github



I am new to KiCad and I’d like to add more symbols from github repo. I’ve cloned the repo and I can not find any way to add all that symbols globally. Is there any way to do that so when I upgrade kicad, upgrade process will not replace those libs from github with some default ones ?


Which version of KiCad are you using?


I am using version 4.0.6


Check the FAQ link at the top of the page. Plenty on library stuff there.


The FAQ does not really have anything about adding symbol libs. (You might want to check first before you send new users on a wild goose hunt ;))


Downloading library zip from results in a same outcome as cloning from github from


Have a look at this old thread. From the linked comment on it is discussed how to add symbol libs in kicad version 4

(Will be a lot easier in version 5. That is also the reason why i did not really care about writting a FAQ entry for how to handle version 4 symbol libs. Too much effort for the few months until the v5 release.)


Thx for reply. I will wait for version 5 then. Meanwhile I will just manually add needed libs.


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