Add footprint to library from imported PCB

I have imported an Altium “mems.PcbDoc” file into KiCad “mems.kicad_sch”, as well as “mems.SchDoc” into “mems.kicad_pcb”. They display as expected.

I now want to use the symbols and the footprints just imported in a native KiCad project, let’s call it “MyProject.kicad_pro”.

What are the steps required to save the footprints and symbols that I just imported into a project-specific library so I can use them in my native KiCad project?

(All of my efforts so far end up with references to the D: drive on the PC that created the Altium files in the first place. Clearly, that doesn’t work…)

If you want to get all the footprints you can use File > Export… > Footprints to Library

If you just want one or two, you can copy/paste between the board and the library editor.

Or open the footprint from the board and in the editor use “Save As”.

For the symbols, there isn’t a great way to export all symbols to a library in the same way that there is for footprints. If that’d be something useful to you, consider giving this wishlist issue on gitlab a “thumbs up”: Export all symbols of a schematic (#11433) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

I currently just use one big schematic with all my imported symbols and then copy and paste symbols from there to new schematic as needed. I’m being lazy though, I theoretically could open the symbols in the editor one by one and Save As to a new library (like you can do for footprints).