Add filled Zones


I have 6 layer PCB in which I defined net classes for those layers. Now In the filled zone especially in GND plane(Layer 2). I have AGND, DGND, GND. So I want to create three separated zones. What should I go with PAD connection settings?
None, Thermal relief, THT thermal, Solid. I am not sure what should I select.

Is it like for
Top and Bottom layers: None
Middle layers: Thermal relief or solid?

Can anyone give me some detail about this?
Thanks in advance.

It depends on your needs and way of manufacturing.

Particular use cases for those options are:

  • None - there will be no connection with pads or vias even if they belong to the same net ( you will need to connect pad/via to the plane with the track )
  • Thermal relief - is used for hand soldering because solid connection will draw away all heat and you won’t be able to get enough heat for solder to flow
  • THT thermal - this is thermal relief connection for through hole pads and vias. It is used to thermally isolate the connected pin from the solid copper plane when the board is soldered
  • Solid - best pad/via to plane connection, normal practice if you use reflow soldering

In your case for inner layer I would use solid connection and for top and bottom you need to choose accordingly

Here you can find more info about plane settings in KiCad.