Add circle to Schematic and PCB Drawing Sheets

I currently am working on a Program that creats me Templats in differen sizes and forms, while creating this I found out that there is no way to draw circles in the Templates for Schematics and PCBs. I think that this schould be a easy inclution and alsow sothing that could be nice to have.

I do not understand your question.

In KiCad, a Template is just any KiCad project, saved in a special template directory and with some additional data added such as a description of what the template does (can have pictures) and an image for the icon of the template to click on.

And you can draw circles in the PCB editor.
I was a bit surprised I did not see a menu entry for drawing circles on a schematic in KiCad V6.0.9, but a quick check shows that this has already been added in KiCad-nightly V6.99.

I may have writen it a bit confusion, I mean the Drawing Sheets.(.kicad_wks)

You can add an Image (the Bitmap Image tool). Does Not need to be a Bitmap, PNG’s…etc also works.


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