Add an image in a Library Symbol

Is it possible to add an image to a library symbol? If so how would I do it?

I guess I should take no replies as, “No it’s not possible”.

So maybe it should be a feature request? I put everything in my schematic that I want on my PCB. Mounting holes and logos included. For the logos I currently just have a very basic library symbol defined that textually describes the logo. I would prefer to have a small picture of the logos. What I have now functionally works, but being able to add the picture in the library symbol would definitely make it nicer.

Please do not take my word as the final word…but I just tried and was unable. Be patient and I guess that within a few days some more knowledgeable folks will contribute to this discussion.

Perhaps I’m missing something but, to me it seems as simple as:

  1. In Kicad’s main panel, select the Bitmap Editor tool Icon
  2. Load your desired image to be converted to a .bmp
  3. Select Export and desired type (PCBmew or Eschema) (a .mod or .lib will be created, I do both)
  4. Quit Kicad
  5. Move the exported .mod and .lib to your directory containing your custom footprints and symbols.
  6. Now, use it just like any other part/footprint

[sure, you can tweak DPI, layers…etc]

I loaded a graphic icon I often use and did the above steps, results below shows it in my directory and loaded into PCBnew.:

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The question was about symbols not footprints.

Yes, but BlackCoffee is right… you can export it as a library symbol too. It might work for my needs.

What is a “symbol” and what is it used for?

In my use of Kicad, a symbol is used for a footprint. And, if you think it doesn’t work, well I have several PCB’s milled and stuffed. If you’re referring specifically to esschema and a graphic, just use the little Camera icon and load a graphic (our, use the .lib ).

Also, here’s the Gerber file (could put it on the Eco layer and it will be on the Copper layer, too):

Symbol is a symbolic representation of a part or component in a schematic.


In KiCad footprint name is attached to a symbol so that when the layout is updated based on the schematic, KiCad knows which footprint is added to the layout.

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