Activating spice and/or xml netlisting without opening eeschema

Hi Friends,

I am working on an update to an existing IC design cad framework and would like to permit the use of Eeschema as a schematic capture frontend much like Mentor Dxdesigner schematics is used currently.

To do this, I would like to leverage the existing spice and xml netlisting capability of eeschema.

Given one or more existing eeschema schematics, I wish to call the eeschema spice routine, *.exe or python script from the IC CAD program.

I imagine providing the schematic name to be converted and the path where the resulting *.cir or *.xml file would be written to the eeshema spice netlister in some way.

I envision writing a calling script to a dos command shell much the same way as the Eeschema does currently when running python scripts via the Bill of Material generators.

So that’s my question. Can I activate the spice or XML netlister from outside Eeschema?

Thanks for any help or hints!


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