Accurate Measurement

Hello everyone,

I am an experienced PCB designer with Altium Designer and recently started to use Kicad. I am having difficulty in setting a new 0,0 reference point for my PCB. Is it possible in Kicad?

Use the “space bar” key to set the reference point at the mouse location.

Thanks a lot. Can I Also change the layer names?

Hum… I have not found that features. There is a layer configuration in the menu that allow you add/remove layers, but not naming I think.

You can rename copper layers. All other layers have a fixed name. (And copper layers stay copper layers no matter what you name them)

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What version of KiCad are you using?

I can change layer names in KiCad V 5.0.2 of the copper layers in:
Pcbnew / Setup / Layers Setup
All the other layer names seem to be fixed.

There are also some Coordinate related settings in:
Pcbnew / Place / Drill and Place Offset
Pcbnew / Place / Grid Origin

My Kicad version is 5.0.2

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