Access denied when trying to paste an image to a post

When I try to paste an image here, I get “Access denied” message dialog. Sorry, I can’t paste a screenshot about it :slight_smile:

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Same here. @ChrisGammell probably is the only one with permissions that pertain to server settings. Maybe an upgrade broke something?

All images that were uploaded in the past seem to have been lost at this point in time. (see any of my faq articles)

It also seems images are stored on an amazon server. Maybe they changed something in the api or in their terms and conditions.

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All existing images disappeared for same reason in my Browser.
Maybe some users have them in cache ?

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@Rene_Poschl You have done AMAZING work on the FAQ section of this forum. If the uploaded images are actually totally gone for good, I’m willing to help upload new ones to assist you in fixing your posts.

Hopefully this is just a glitch and @ChrisGammell is working on it. Lets give him some time to investigate and figure out what went wrong.

All of the images I have uploaded are also gone; and I have deleted them locally. Most of my uploads were not in the FAQ section.

I’m just letting another forum member know that I am willing to help them if it ends up being that there is not an easy solution to the problem.

I have all the images of my FAQ posts on my personal machines (or more precisely the source files of them as i discovered quite early on that it is easily possible to have made a mistake -> editing the source file is much faster than making a new screenshot and starting over from nothing)

The S3 bucket had some issues. I think I have resolved it now. Could someone please verify?


test upload

@ChrisGammell looks good


I just looked at a couple random FAQ entries and I see the images again. Thanx for fixing this.

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