Absence of slots in 3D view

I need to make big slots in my pcb. So, I made them using graphic line in edge-cuts layer.But on viewing the file in 3D view those slots are missing.The edge-cut pcb margin shows accurate pcb size in 3D view but slots inside the pcb in the same layer are missing.As the slots are big in size i can’t even replace them with pth.
Any way I can make slots that are visible in 3D viewer?

did you make sure those lines meet at the ends - exactly?
If you can, post a copy of the .kicad_pcb file… just the outline will do.

To re-ensure lines are connected,I made them again but I received the same result.
pth holes are only that i get.
I am uploading the image of slots on the pcb and their look in 3D viewer.

Where did you draw the lines? In the footprint or the general layout (pcbnew)?
I did a quick check and it works fine in pcbnew for me:

I made it in the general layout

Works fine here too. You need to be using 4.0.1 or later probably.

You seem to have some solid blocks of yellow, is that a good idea?

For screenshots, use the Snipping Tool that comes with windows since Vista.