About librairies on PCBnew 4.02

I have currently a problem with my librairies on Pcbnew. Before the upgrade 4.02 we deleted all librairies (school’s rules) and we created our own librairy for differents works.
Unfortunately i kept this method to delete all libraires but i read/heard from teachers/forums that we have to save librairies now. Since my mistake i can’t get back these libraires (PCB librairy tables i mean). Do you know the way to get them back ?

Thanks for your answers !

If you mean the per-project ones all you have to do is run eeschema on your project’s sch file and a new *cache.lib file will be created. If you mean the ones that were provided with kicad, you will need to retrieve a historical version from:

I think it is easiest to use “git clone”, then “git log” to see the commit history and checkout the version you want (the first commit if you’re migrating from a pre-4 release).

Make sure you have a backup of your schematic and pcb files.