About donating.about donating

I am writing from here because there is no contact address on the kicad home page.
Or I couldn’t see anything like that.
I wanted to donate but the bank did not transfer money even though I donated.
What can I do about this issue.
Thank you very much to all the kicad team

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You should contact your bank.


First, this is a forum for end users run by other end users.

Second, at the moment there are two options/venues/methods for donating to KiCad. Both are administered by 3rd parties and the KiCad project doesn’t have direct connection with the mechanisms. Both donation methods are used also by other projects than KiCad, so the possible problems don’t necessarily have anything to do with KiCad project per se.

It would help if you at least tell how did you try, what you expected to happen/see and what actually happened. If the problem is really that the bank didn’t do it despite otherwise successful act, you should of course contact the bank.


Thank you very much for your interest in supporting the KiCad project :wink:

Were you donating via the CERN page or The Linux Foundation?

Sorry donation has not been realized.
Since the bank is the problem with the foreign exchange.

Same here.
Tried to make a donation via “The Linux Foundation” but they apparently only accept credit or debit cards and I do not have those.

Tried to donate via cern, but I also do not have paypal and the “check or wire transfer” is black and I can’t figure out how it works.

After about 10 minutes I gave up.