Ability to Preview Fonts in Properties Window

This is an extremely minor gripe, but when attempting to select fonts using the ‘Text Properties’ window, it would be nice to see some sort of preview of how the text will appear based on the currently selected font.

For example, when selecting a font in Microsoft Word - the name of the font is formatted to appear as that font. It would be nice to have either that or a preview window to see how the text will appear. I’ve done some searching online, and as far as I can tell, there’s no way to preview the fonts available in KiCad.

In my case, I am trying to pick a good silkscreen font for legibility + appearance. The only way to check what each font looks like is to select the text on the silkscreen, edit the font in the ‘Text Properties’ window, hit ‘OK’, rinse and repeat until I find what I actually want. Obviously, once I find the right one I’ll just copy/paste and this won’t be a problem anymore, but it would be a nice QoL feature. I suppose this would be useful in the schematic editor as well.

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Another way to achieve the same is to use some font viewer program (or your word processor) to select a font, and once you’ve found one, use it in KiCad.

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I did try this, problem is I couldn’t figure out a way to export a list of the available font types in KiCad. If that were possible - I could export the list into word and use VBA to apply the fonts onto the list of text, and use that as a showcase for the available fonts. Word has more font types available by default and I’m too lazy to sort through them lol

It’s been a long times since I used other Text-Editors so, I can’t say much about other programs but, LibreOffice previews the system’s fonts when selecting a font…

If you have similar capability, make a screenshot of the list…

The fonts are not a part of KiCad. KiCad just shows the list of fonts on your OS. But there can be some differences. The KiCad font itself probably does not show up in any other program, and likewise, if some program has it’s own fonts hidden somewhere and does not properly register them with your OS, then other programs can’t use those fonts.

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