A track cannot be next to a keepout area

I created a 0.5mm keepout area around my PCB. I can add a pad next to this area, but there is not possible to route a track close to it since a design rule (clearance) is aplied to this area. I have never seen such bug in previous version of PCB. Reproduced in 5.1.9 on Windows 10, all graphics toolsets.

Pad’s normally have the same clearance rules as tracks.

And alternative method of defining a clearance from the PCB edge is to use the thickness of the lines on Edge.Cuts. These lines are (sort of) treated as “tracks” for clearance purposes.

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A picture to be more clear the situation.

It also seems that the pad can be inside the keepout area without any bug report in a DRC control.

Could you attach an example file?

Just remembered: Tracks, Via’s, and copper pours are separate settings for Keepout Area’s.


I have all items checked.

Unfortunately I have no rights to upload any file. You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_olY5PTW4cAqWr560xwUFIyVMCC4ZYga/view?usp=sharing

It’s starting to look like a bug to me.

I took an existing project and made a keepout zone in it, with all 3 options on.

Pads inside the keepout area are not detected by DRC, while tracks and the clearance around them are not allowed to enter the keepout area.

V5 just doesn’t have an option for pads in keepouts. (V5.99 does.)

Track clearance looks indeed strange, IMO it should allow copper to touch its outline. It does so for zones.

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