A tool which helps to locate parts on PCB while soldering

I just wrote a tool which shall help me to locate the parts on the PCB while hand soldering. It is very helpful, especially if your parts are placed on the bottom side because it shows you the mirrored view then.

Maybe it is helpful for you as well:


Looks awesome! Moved to the “External Plugins” category

HI @pioupus

There is a list of 3rd party KiCad tools on GitHub. Maybe publicise your tool by adding it there?

What features does the tool have over Ctrl-F? Thats what I normally use when hand-assembling, but I’d definitely welcome a better alternative.

EDIT: OK, it groups components like a part bag, smallest parts first, single key press (space) to continue to next component. Nicejob! I’ll be trying it out soon. Thanks!

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Hey, I think this is an awesome tool and I would really like to use it - next week actually, when a new prototype of mine arrives. I will use it for placement of SMD parts for reflow soldering.

The problem is that this program is extremely slow on my computer. Unusably slow. When I make a movement (say, a zoom), it takes a couple of seconds until it reacts. It pretty much maxes out one CPU (of four) constantly and also brings up the temperature of the core to about 90°C. Is there anything that can be done about this and how can I help in this?