A somewhat strange device in lib

Maybe it’s just me, having missed a memo or two regarding new standards or improved parts.
I was in need of a part I usually try to avoid, a simple trim-pot.

The symbol was easily found (RTRIM, Device:RTRIM with full name) and dropped into the schematic. The symbol looked as expected, but as I wanted to marry it to the other denizens of the schematic, I had to take a break. Cleaning my glasses didn’t help, checking the pin count using my fingers (done twice to be sure…) confirmed the result I found at the beginning.

Two. Two pins.
I’m used to trim-pot’s having three pins, the two ends of the resistive track and the wiper. The symbol editor’s pin table agreed with the count of two passive pins.
OK, on trim-caps and adjustable inductances I’m used to two pins.

So, where can I buy a two-legged trim-pot?
Is it me or the library that could do with an update?
Meanwhile I use R_POT_TRIM, having three pins but looking a bit strange to me.

(I’m working with Windows 10, KiCad Version: (5.1.2)-1, release build, downloaded and installed the 09. May 2019. Neither I nor someone else here admits to editing a library.)

I think i have seen 2 pol trimmers in the past (very small smd devices). I grant you that if they indeed exist they will be quite rare.

Look at this one:
Panasonic 2-Terminal Trimpot
The “strangeness” increases: There are only TWO electrical terminals, but the footprint has THREE pads!


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I consider myself updated, thanks for your effort.
A new beast in my mental zoo of components.

I even found a datasheet. Lifetime 20 turns (OK for “adjust and forget”-applications) and poisonous (non-ROHS).
And already obsolete, at least this Panasonic-series.

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Non ROHS is probably why they are obsolete

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