A really good idea for layout and locked footprints


How about a highlight for locked footprints?
In many cases, I like to lock footprints to keep from moving while moving a group. Knowing which prints are locked and not is a tedius task to say the least. It would be super slick to hit a button and see all the locked prints highlight in some fashion, rather than having to click and remember each and every one. If in the same, it may be a simple thing as well to have a highlight mode AND be able to left click, select/deselect the footprints while in that mode.

Thanks everyone


Just a heads up:
This is a user forum. Only a handful of developers visit this forum.
You can use it to get feedback by other users about your idea but not to get the attention of developers.

Wishes should be reported at the bugtracker and marked as a wishlist bug.
Make sure that there is no similar wishlist entry already. If there is, mark it as “this bug affects me”. (and maybe leave a comment describing your exact usecase.)

And most of all, don’t expect wonders. Your comment lived here for 7 hours and nobody commented on it. You might need to sell your idea a bit better to the developers if you want one of them to implement your wish. (It is hard to get a feature included without the support of a developer or a patch ready.)


And that’s a good thing! No one disagreed! If it were a bad idea people would have pounced on it immediately! :wink:


Hehe… I usually offer some condolences/advice after 24+ hours of no comments :wink: