A little help for adding a component to library

I got a part library from Digikey and I could almost import it into my global library. Only footprint is missing. What is the current method to do whole part import or add the footprint to the existing symbol.
Edit: This is Win10 and KiCad 6.05

I’ve got these files

Is there a suitable footprint in the Kicad libraries to use with your Digikey schematic?

Isn’t the footprint in those files? I thought that both the schematic symbol and PCB footprint are in those files. That was what I chose to download anyway. When I get both symbol and footprint at same place, I can be sure they match the actual component I use.

Sorry, I’m not much help when it comes to importing 3rd party footprints and symbols.
I was looking for an easy way out for you by just using a kicad footprint with the imported symbol.

I only ever make my own, or modify, kicad symbols & footprints.

You will probably have to wait for others with that knowledge to arrive.

I am a bit new to KiCad, so it is easier to get a new part by downloading it. With a more familiar CAD I too sometimes just modify an old SCH or PCB library.

I did it pretty much the other way around.
I find the ability to be able to create & modify schematic symbols and footprints important, and therefore made it a part of evaluating KiCad before making the decision to start using it seriously.

I find these editors more important than libraries.
With good editors, you can make your own libraries, but with only libraries and no editors you will get stuck on parts that are not in those libraries.

Did you read and try that?

Yes, I did read it. And it helped, but in the footprint part of it, I got problems. I can give more details now, but later today, I’ll take notes of those.

Really? The file names point to SnapEDA, not DigiKey. I can download an identical zip from SnapEDA.

Anyway, the symbol is in old v5 (or even 4) format. It can be imported to the symbol editor. Just use File → Import symbol. The footprint file in the same way in the footprint editor. The details differ a bit.

The important trick is to go to the saved symbol’s properties and change the footprint link so that it includes the library name, not just the footprint name.

Sure. I visited Digikey, because that site I use. But there is a link to both SnapEda and Ultralibrarian. I downloaded both, but UL instructions seemed to work better.
Edit: Or was it SnapEda, like you said

The process of adding a footprint file and a lone symbol from a library is also documented here: How to get a downloaded symbol, footprint or full library into KiCad version 5?. It works for v6, too.

I tried with these files, and they just work for the normal “add symbol to the schematic, update PCB” workflow. I didn’t even have to change the footprint link in the symbol. In some older version of KiCad it was necessary to add the library part to the link, but in the current v6 it seems to work even without it. You should still add the library to the link in case there would ever be identically named footprint in some other available library, in which case KiCad may get confused.

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Ok. Thank you. I will try those.

By the way, do Ä or ö in names or path names cause problems?

I usually try to avoid them just because there are some many bugs or problems in different kinds of software with these. Several problems with e.g. Chinese characters have been reported and fixed in KiCad. Yet I would encourage you to try, and report any problems.

My first try had some Ä or ö because then I got a good name in finnish. But yes, using those letters is like asking for troubles. But I sometimes do it anyway.
Now I have to be off internet for the rest of the day.
Thank you for your advises and opinions.

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