A lasso selection tool instead of just the square box

It would be great if you could draw a selection path freehand in addition to the standard square selection box. That would help immensely on tightly packed PCBs.

You do know that selection behaves differently when selecting from bottom right or top left?

Starting from bottom right selects all the items in the selection box including ones that intersect it, selecting from top left selects only items that are fully contained in the selection box.

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No, I did not know that. But being able to draw my own selectionpath would still be very handy in many situations.

I concur. But until that time intersecing/containing selection along with shift modifier to add selections are the tools we have. You might want to raise an issue on kiCad Gitlab page

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See https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/1977.

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btw doesn’t have to be bottom right, top right works too.


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