A different worksheet for each page?

I have defined several worksheets in the editor.
I would like to be able to change the worksheet for each sheet, is it possible ?

…i thought it was possible, but trying i’ve seen that the template choice is common for each sheet, so no, i think is just 1 template for all the schematic. If you want you can have a different template in the PCB.

thank you for your response. I probably need to make one file per sheet.

I would like to be able to change the worksheet for each sheet, is it possible ?

Currently no.
Only exception: You can draw/define the worksheet file to display different things on the first page (root sheet) of the schematic.

Using 7.99 and then 8.0, there is one workaround that might work: You can use kicad-cli to override the worksheet when plotting, so technically you could plot one page at a time and change the worksheet each time. But you would not be able to see this previewed interactively inside KiCad.

Can you explain why you want to do this?

Because we have plans with a cover page, summary, schematics, bom… each worksheet can be different.

Understood. I suggest you raise an issue on the Gitlab tracker as a wishlist. I cannot see this making 7.99 at this end of the year though

One possible workaround is to have a sheet with the “minimum common graphics”, and then use a regular schematic symbol to draw custom parts such as a title block.

I’ve tried to modify the standard sheet graphics and border a few times, because it wastes a lot of paper space (Especially the wide borders), but the sheet is external, old projects tend to loose or break the link, directories get moved and then KiCad puts back the default sheet. In the end I’ve just given up.

You’re right. I did it this way on old versions. I was hoping that this would change…

Did you make a feature request for it?

I don’t think this would be so hard to do, it just affects the Schematic. The file structure would have to change a little with the new worksheet identified for each changed page.
The devil is in the detail though.

Wish: Optionally make page layout description files page specific (lp:#1789481) (#2234) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab
Embed worksheet (page layout) in schematic/pcb file (lp:#1823162) (#2376) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab
Eeschema->All sheets in a hierarchical scheme cannot have different page layouts. (#7156) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab


I gave #2367 an upvote. To me the page layout not being a part of each page is just one of those small potholes still left over in the ever smoother roadway to world domination of KiCad.

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Of these, embedding the worksheet in the schematic file is the most disruptive, but does fix the serious missing file problem when a project gets shared with a custom worksheet

Current workaround to the “worksheet is missing if project is shared”-problem: copy worksheet into project directory and use worksheet-name without complete path in the board/schematic.

disadvantage: a global change on the worksheet does not automatically change the existing schematics (some could see this also as advantage)

archived project including the worksheets (for schematic & board):
example project.zip (30.0 KB)

I do not understand why you post this as a “disadvantage” (which some may see as an advantage). For me it’s very simple: Once a schematic has been created, KiCad should not change it. And this is not just my opinion, but as far as I know (nearly) everybody agrees with this. Luckily this has been fixed for the schematic symbols, and updating of footprints is also only done after KiCad is instructed to do so. I find it very illogical and inconsistent that the schematic sheet is not handled in the same way as schematic symbols and PCB footprints.

KiCad also puts the KiCad version in the title block, which is nice, but as soon as I open an old schematic (may have been made in KiCad V4, V5 or V6) it writes the current version in the title block. This makes it useless to me, as I can not see in which KiCad version the schematic was made.

A Simple ‘Partial’ Solution…

Perhaps Not for everyone’s needs but, it may be useful for some - particularly if wanting different Sheets for PCB and Schematic…

The Root schematic’s worksheet is also used for the added sheets (haven’t yet discovered the trick to implementing similar descr file association for added schematics)

The PCB’s file “xxx.kicad_pro” [xxx = your project/file name] contains two Strings identifying the Worksheet’s for PCB and Schematic.

The second string appears to get placed into the ‘xxx.kicad_pro’ after selecting a user’s/other Worksheet file, otherwise it appears to retain only one original descr linked file.

As a test, after setting the desired Worksheet (and saving/quitting Kicad), I Edited the xxx.kicad_pro file and changed the second string’s Worksheet to a different one. Bingo!

If user creates a Worksheet with items for a particular/common worksheet layout (one for PCB and one for Schematic) then, each can contain unique Text/Graphics…etc as long as you Don’t check the box to push ‘Export to other sheets’.

Also, if using the Comment fields in the panel, you can create a cheater’s Text-Wrap-Around by adding \n in the text where you want to Wrap the line (\n is a Newline command)

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