A Big Thank you

To the developers for making this software for free :slight_smile:
I previously had used Tango for my homebrew projects, but interests changed a few years back, computers became 64 bit, and Tango did not work anymore.
If I needed a small circuit, Veroboard was used.
Then something popped up that Veroboard was not going solve, so after looking around a bit. I installed KiCad.
What a surprise, one week from installation to finished pcb, proper project with circuit diagram, netlist, and pcb.
I found the software very intuitive to use, hardly ever had to refer to the help files.
Once again, thank you !


Tango. Now that takes me back a few years :slight_smile: The good old days of DOS

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Yes, I used “rule” for some years. Beautyfully simple and intuitive. Its a pity it has been abandoned to promote “target”. Matter of fact KiCad is the first PCB-System that manages to give me the free possibilities of “rule” AND the functions of a more professional system.

TANGO still works in DosBox :slight_smile:

KiCad is inferior, it doesn’t run on DOS, and not even Windows 3.11.

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In Windows 64 bit ?
I could run it in 32bit XP, but not on my “new” 64 bit machine

W7 Ultimate 64bit, in Virtual machine, Linux host :slight_smile:

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