A beginner question. Maybe a dumb one

I would like to make a PCB for an A/C millivoltmeter. The one I made lonnnng ago is dead and was not that fine. I’ve found the suitable schematic on the Web ( https://www.sound-au.com/project16.htm ).
For this I need to draw the schematics first.
I would like to put the Web schematic image as a background in eeschema in order to copy it easily and cleanly.
Is it wise ? Is it possible ? Am I dumb ? :wink:
Many thanks in advance for your answer and help ! Have a nice and bright day !

I don’t know. Yes. I don’t know.

You can for example take a screenshot of the web page and put it into the schematic:



Hello eelik !
I saved the schematic picture and put it in my schematic. it will help when I draw it.
I did not know it was so easy !
Thanks !

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