8.0.1 Edge Cuts

When making edits to the edge cuts in 8.0.1 this happens. Any idea what I make wrong here (yep, net classes is not to be involved in edge cuts, but where else can we prepare the line widths?)

File–>Board setup–>Text&graphics–>Defaults–>Table with row for “edge.cuts” layer.

Note there are some nice auxiliary functions to easy your task:

  • select both line segments you want to slur → RMB-click–>context menu–>Shape modification–>“Fillet lines” or “Chamfer lines”

Note2: if you change the linewidth interactively during the first drawing operation then this change is remembered and subsequent drawing operations use this changed linewidth.
To do this: start darwing first arc, in the middle of the operation use hotkey “E” to get arc properties dialog, change linewidth, “OK” button. Now the subsequent drawings take this last used linewidth.

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Ah, great, the auxiliary functions are good, thanks, feel almost as simple as it was in Eagle 5 years ago! Added to this there are so many “block” functions in KiCad which still seems like we’re stucked in the stone age. Like when selecting more than one object/line, or so, it’s like a 30 minutes work to get it edited…

What do you mean by that?

Have you tried using Fillet tool?

You can Select multiple intersecting lines and Window-Box select multiple intersecting lines…

eelik, don’t know if I have missed how to do it but let’s say you want to change the drill diameter, or/and the pad sizes for many pads at once for a footprint in the footprint editor, how to do that? I might have more examples but let’s all be friendly and start with this one.

Thanks, BlackCoffee, that was what mf_ibfeew explained above and that is a good function!

Yes, but my point was about Selecting Multiple Lines to save having to select individually and spending 30 minutes. …

Yes you have missed. Each editor in v8 has the Properties panel where you can edit properties of all selected items, those properties which are common to all of the selected items. You just have to make the panels visible from the View menu.

Wow, thanks, that is for sure cool!