7.0.10 Problem Opening Editors

I downloaded 7.0.10 from CERN (github gives error).
I installed it (fyi - previous 7.0.9 worked).

Mac, osx Monterey 12.7.2

Kicad will boot/open but, it’s App’s won’t open.

Except for the PCB-Editor, I can boot/open the other embedded App’s from the individual App Icons (in my Finder). But, nothing opens from the Kicad main panel.

I can open all the other Kicad App’s (schematic, Image convertor…etc) but, not the PCB.

I reinstalled it - same problem.

UPDATED: I was able to download it from Github, I installed it but, the same problem… Even worse, in Mac’s Force-Quit panel, it shows two pcbnew’s - one with uppercase P, one with lower-case p… seen in video below…

Please report issues on GitLab, not in this thread.

That said, I have it installed on my Mac (running os 13.6) and have no problems.

I just posted the issue at GitLab here’s the link

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I’m closing this post. I posted (at GitLab, link above) closing the Issue. Though, I do consider this a ≈Bug or, perhaps not a Bug but, rather, a ‘not-too-good-aspect’ of Kicad’ file mgmt system…

I seem to remember this is a quirk^Wfeature of the OS/X’s HFS+ filesystem I was bitten by a long time ago. It allows files differing only in case to be created. However when it comes to use of the file, it’s case insensitive. What’s more behaviour may be different depending on the process opening the file. So maybe somehow you created two different versions of the file differing only in case.

It is unclear from your bug report whether there is any issue with KiCad or if this issue was caused by plugins, etc. Next time please make a copy of everything before you start deleting things, otherwise it will be impossible to tell the problem.

On Windows 11, I don’t have the same issue with 7.0.10 (previous install was 7.0.9). Installed on top without uninstalling. Old projects open fine.

Nope, all my Plugin’s work fine and, after re-installing as I indicated, all is still working.

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