7.0.0-rc1 updates

Will there still be nightly updates for 7.0.0-rc1 as was for 6.99, or is this stable until the official release of 7.0.0

This might be different depending on OS.
On fedora Linux, where the nightlies are built in copr, it looks like the nightlies (package name ‘kicad-nightly’) will continue to build 5 days a week or so, but it turns out that they have changed name from 6.99 to 7.0.0.

Packages with name ‘kicad’ are 7.0.0 rcx release candidates, and seem to be built every time there is a release (rc2, stable etc.).
7.0.0 rc1 installs with package name “kicad” and installs over 6.0.10 as an upgrade, whilst 6.99 nightly and 7.0.0 nightly have the separate package name “kicad-nightly”.

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I use Mint which has a one click update manager. This afternoon, when I updated 6.99, I found 7.0.0-rc1 had replaced 6.99.
When 7.0.0 is released, my OS will replace 6.0.10 with 7.0.0 and replace 6.99 (7.0.0-rcx) with 7.99, I assume, just as it replaced 5.1.12 with 6.00 and 5.99 with 6.99.

Seems as though I will have to wait 'till tomorrow to find out if I get an updated 7rc, the same 7rc or an updated 6.99.

Yes, the nightly builds will continue. The RC1 is just a “snapshot” in time of a nightly, made to increase awareness that we are close to release and hopefully get more people to test it.

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is there a summary of changes somewhere ? or a blog post of some kind ?

The best place to look (until the 7 release post) is this thread.

Some really exciting features!


Windows Nightly builds still install in 7.0, overwriting the RC1 build

It depends on what OS you have.
In fedora Linux, with the packages from copr, 7.0.0 release candidate installs over 6.0.10 and 7.0.0 nightly updates 6.99 nightly.

Normally I do my updates via the cli with apt. Today I used the “Update Manager” gui in Linux Mint.

According to the initial “refresh” it wanted to update “KiCad”, During “Applying Changes” it showed “KiCad-Nightly” (I was just to late with the screenshot), but it updates V7.0.0-RC1. So it’s a little bit of everything :slight_smile:

This is by design. We don’t take the approach of a “frozen” RC, instead the RC is just another nightly and will continue to get updated every day.

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Is there a summary somewhere of daily changes please ?

If you think of the kind of descriptions in prose that you can find about for example the Linux kernel in various places, I think not.
You will have to look at the commits in gitlab, found here:

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